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Felix and Louice in the mangroves

By 6 years ago
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Felix climbing through the mangrove roots

Hi, we are Louice and Felix, volunteers on the Shimoni conservation project. Yesterday we spent an inspiring day in the mangroves. First we had to walk a bit through the sea, where we stumbled across some interesting creatures such as an upside-down jellyfish and something like a huge slug, which might as well have been a creature in the video game Bioshock, and some other undefined species. After this indisputably exciting pseudo-scientific research we finally reached the mangroves.

Louice and Olivia making their way through the transect
Here we did several measurements of the canopy cover and height, and defined the particular mangrove species. Besides, we achieved a great success: We met the transect which comes from the opposite side, so now we have a continuous one crossing the mangroves. For Sarah, our survey leader, this was a historic moment. Full of reverence and joy we climbed our way back through the roots.

Mangroves Mud
Louice Wemmer from Sweden and Felix Bauer from Germany