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Feeding Programme at Precious

By 5 years ago
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Feeding Programme ……
Thanks to previous GVI volunteers returning home and continuing to fund raise for Precious Vision Care Centre, we have a long-running and well-maintained feeding program to be proud of.
For the last two years every child has received a substantial lunch. They often eat ugali or rice with either beans, pojo or vegetables. This meal is very important to the children, as for some, it may be their only meal of the day.
Yvonne eating Ugali . All the childrens favourite.
With the money raised by the GVI volunteers we are able to feed every student in the school, including the smallest ones in Baby Class. These children attend school so that their older siblings don’t have to stay home to care for them, meaning that they can continue with their education.
Esther from Baby Class enjoying her rice and beans
Due to more donations in February 2012 we were able to start up the breakfast program again. Volunteers used to notice that attention levels of some students would dip in the time between break and before 12pm. Now, the students get either uji (a type of Swahili porridge) or a banana during the break, and volunteers have remarked that this problem has reduced significantly.
Students have uji ( porridge) for breakfast
The money that GVI receives from donors is by no means infinite, but we currently have enough money to guarantee lunch and breakfast until the end of 2012 . This is an excellent achievement and we would like to thank all the donors for their continued support.
Kg 2 Student Obama enjoying his biscuit
By Natasha Richardson.