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Farewells, welcomes and circus circus preparations!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

We have come to the end of another phase and have had to say goodbye to our two favourite Swedes, Jessica and Jenny. We have now welcomed onto base 3 new volunteers; James, Chris and Ryan.

It has been a busy week with people out doing practise monitors on both coral and fish. We have also had more Jaguar sightings, Willem spotted an adult and two cubs on the drive back from town so CONANP (government environmental body) have arrived on base and set up camera traps to hopefully catch images of any that are moving around the base at night. So far, these cameras have only taken pictures of volunteers doing duties around base but hopefully we shall have evidence of them soon!

We have also agreed to do a circus in Punta Allen for the children – and for any adults who care to come along. Those that are particularly good at circus skills, acrobatics or performing magic tricks are setting up acts to entertain the children, whilst other people are making costumes and props for the day. The most ambitious project so far being a paper mache octopus with fully moving arms!