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Edging closer to our goal in Paarl

By 6 years ago
Categories Cape Town

This is my 7th week in Paarl with GVI. I have been working at Hope Centre for 6 weeks, 2 weeks with the Cubs and the rest with the Lions. GVI and the local partners are working together to phase out the short term volunteers and empower the local staff to run the program by the end of March. A lot of work has been done since the project started in June 2010. All of the volunteers, the project coordinators and the interns have worked very hard to ensure a good transition so that GVI can hand over the project to our partner Monte Christo in confidence. This week we started to take turns with the teachers from Hope Centre (Glenay, Lee-Ann, Surita and Roelien), so they have to lead one whole day and do lesson planning as well. We’re also thinking about names for the pre-school.

I was scheduled to stay for 8 weeks but I decided that I can’t leave this wonderful place two weeks before the project achieves it’s long term objective. The kids and the work at Hope Centre have become very dear to my heart. Occasionally there are some days where a volunteer might be tyred or in a bad mood, but as soon as we get out of the car and carry our “blue box” and bags into Hope Centre we are welcomed by smiling faces screaming “Teacher! Teacher!”. I wished my colleagues back home would greet me like this when I come to work every morning. These happy faces can make everyone feel better in a second…. and in the next seconds you might find yourself struggling to stand and keep your balance because about 12 kids storm towards you and hang on to you around your legs and waist. So I’m really happy that it’s possible to extend my stay with GVI for 2 more weeks before everyone is moving out of “The Bat Cave” and has to say goodbye to Hope Centre and Bowy House.
A part of my heart will always stay here in South Africa – TIA

Caro – Germany