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Drumming Fun!

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town



We recently had two djembe drums donated.  They have proven to be a great asset to our resources. 
The children of ACJ used them as part of their Let’s Be Active activities a couple of weeks ago. They needed no CDs, a designated drummer was all they needed to provide music for their class dance routines. Fantastic drumming to accompany some great dancing just as the video shows!
The children of Ikhayalethemba orphanage have also had a wonderful time playing the drums and dancing along.  We’ve certainly revealed some talented drummers among the children.  We’ve also seen some interesting dance routines a combination of traditional African moves with a few moves from the latest music clips have provided onlookers with some good entertainment. It’s fantastic to see the natural rhythm that the children possess and it’s also great to see the smiles on their faces as they play and dance with the drums. The older children have keenly encouraged the toddlers to join in with the fun and although the children aren’t much bigger than the drums, they manage to pound a beat with a big smile on their face.  The volunteers have also tried their hand at drumming with mixed results, what we have learnt though is that drumming is quite a good workout!
We hope to add to our collection of drums so that the children can all join in with the playing, what strikes us all is that it’s not only a great music and dance activity but it also promotes great teamwork with the children.
Cheryl Martin
Project Manager

Cape Town Projects