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Bula from the Yasawas!

By 6 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

Over the last few days, Dan and I have been in the Yasawas, visiting the villages where we are currently developing our projects. It was my first time in the Yasawas, and now I can certainly say that the location for our program is even better than I could ever have imagined!

Every single village along the island chain is beautiful: the beach, the flowers, the sea, the houses, the churches, the children (incredibly cute!). Regardless of the differences between the villages in every one we found the same warm hospitality. Every villager welcomed us with a big smile and a loud BULA! (Literally meaning life, but also hello, welcome!).We answered BULA VINAKA! (Hello and thank you!) and their smile only became bigger.

All villagers are looking forward to the projects starting. Not only because all the initiatives are going to be extremely beneficial for their village and daily life, but also because they are excited to meet GVI volunteers, and of course share a cup of tea and a piece of cassava every time we take a break (such great chance to chat and develop new friendships). Will be an amazing opportunity for all of us involved in this program!

One of the highlights of our visit was the time we spent at RatuMelliSchool, where 125 students from 6 to 13 were studying, playing, and curious about us. They all got super excited when they found out the reason why we were there – even more curious about the volunteers that will come to work at the school with them…

We also experienced how great Tovuto base is as a place to relax after an intense day working in the village. We swam, went kayaking and visited “Lo’s tea house” (our only nearby shop. Lo promised us to bake a chocolate cake next time we go!)

Now is time to prepare everything for the first rain water system construction trial. We’ll go up to the Yasawas next week and install the first water tank, in NaculaVillage. Can’t wait!


GVI Fiji Project Manager

We both wore the traditional local outfit: Dan is wearing a sulu and myself, well… a proper sulu chamba (tailor-made!).