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Breaking news!!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Although we have completed many beach cleans throughout our time here at Pez Maya we have never recorded them on the Project Aware site.  What better time to start than now?  Here at Pez Maya we have a methodology for our beach cleans that occurs every Friday morning.  Over the course of 12 weeks we cover close to 2 kilometres and collect on average 700 kg of garbage, of which only 65 kg is recyclable. 
Today we have decided to branch out from our beach and travel to the camping sites and road that surrounds our base.  We will go to three of the campsites that are south of our base and walk the road that runs north to the bridge.  The total distance will be less than one kilometre of land … but the amount of trash will pile up high.  
The main difference in this clean up compared to the others we normally do is that this will be all local trash created by tourists or fisherman and people from the area.  Although we live in a reserve, it seems that people don´t respect the rules and laws here, nor do they respect the nature around them.  This will probably be the most disgusting clean up yet.  Best of luck to all our volunteers, and be sure to wear gloves!

Also, today Friday 14th September the volunteers and staff at Pez Maya will be sending out 4 boats to 4 different dive site in order to collect as much debris as possible.  This is our frist Dive Against Debris Survey and we are all very excited to collect as much debris as possible.  We are aiming to cover close to 4 kilometres of reef in 160 minutes of dive time at depths ranging from 18 metres to 3 metres.  We have 18 divers here to help us out and 3 boat captains.  The dive sites that we will be cleaning will be; Nube, Hogs Head, The Gardens, and Barracuda Jazz. Happy cleaning!!