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Bamboo Splitting

By 6 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai

Recognising the multitude of uses for bamboo – ranging from eating and making cups to drink from, to fencing and construction – the ever so resourceful GVI crew have taken another step in their bid to become self sufficient this week. Expanding their knowledge of traditional skills, a group of us got a lesson from the chief and one of his sons in how to split bamboo for building.

A 20 minute lesson taught us how to take a bamboo pole and split it using a machete in a way that allows it to be unrolled and flattened into a board, which is then dried and can be used in construction of practically anything. 1st on the agenda for our new found skills is creating a compost bin and building a dog house, then dreaming up any other projects we can think of to put our new talent to the test.