3/5/2013 All of our favourite Curieuse things

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In the past week five of us have been doing everything for the last time. We did the final long wurtle of the season; saw two white tip sharks snorkelling and helped the PhD student Emma with her study on the genetics of the Coco de Mer. On Monday staff made us tea and cake to say thank you for the work we have done and gave us a leaver’s presentation that showed us the results of our input.

Leaving the island we have called home for 8 weeks and the people we have become close to feels a bit unreal and it is hard to grasp the fact that we have been living in paradise, surrounded by amazing nature and great people. As our time here is coming to an end we look back and think about our favourite moments and things about Curieuse.
Boat rides

Playing guitar and singing together

Sitting in the tree house and looking at the stars

Swimming in the ocean after a sweaty day in field

When we wanted a new, big hammock and the staff made one for us

All the laughter and stories people have shared

Saving hatchlings

Walking in the mangroves


Our two trips to Cousin and Aride where we saw lots of birds including the red tailed tropic bird

The Sunday night when we had a blackout and ended up singing Disney songs together 

All our private jokes

Hungry club constantly snacking

Our barbeque nights

Being beaten by staff at volleyball

Constantly being covered in sand

The climate and atmosphere on base

Falling in love with this island
It feels sad to leave this amazing place and we think that we speak for everyone when we say that we will miss it hugely. We say goodbye for now but hope to see each other again soon and maybe come back to the Seychelles one day.

Julia & Lottie