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3 Humpback Whales in 2 days

By 6 years ago
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Last week was something extremely special. Close encounters with dolphins and turtles, not to mention the incredible Spinner dolphins… But not only that. We had the opportunity to see one of the most eagerly anticipated animals in our waters: the humpback whales. And it didn’t happen only once, no. Nothing less than 3 animals in barely 24 hours.

A humpback whale clapping with its tale on the water, last Friday.

On Thursday we saw an adult with a calf, even if in the distance. And on Friday, we embarked on a long drawn out chase, lasting more than 2 hours before we were finally delighted us with the appearance of a large adult Humpback Whale. It entertained us with a show of clapping of tail against the water surface, such a special experience for everybody on the boat who had never seen such a fantastic display!

And this was what eventually led us to our encounter with the spinner dolphins… Such an amazing week!!!!