22/03/2013 Curieuse about Cousin

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The past week has gone by really quickly with the new volunteers settling in properly and the oldies carrying on as usual. The weekend got off to a great start when some of us were lucky enough to see a nesting hawksbill turtle on our Long Wurtle which is even more of a surprise considering it’s the end of the nesting season.
On Friday night, pirates invaded Curieuse for the BBQ where everyone had the chance to get to know each other better. We all spent Saturday lounging at Paradise Sun Hotel on Praslin, which is a world away from life on Curieuse with a big breakfast buffet, internet access and a lovely swimming pool.
Sunday was my birthday and I woke up to the wonderful smell of Amy and Flo’s amazing pancakes! Everyone helped to make it a great day which included playing kids games in the ocean and getting a free haircut from Alex the hairstylist! The day ended with a delicious chocolate cake and some very nice singing.
Maybe all the kids’ games got to us because the last few nights have included telling ghost stories. But the innocent story-telling soon descended into chaos when Maria the ghost decided to pay a visit (or maybe it was just one lodge trying to scare the other shack? Who knows…)
Work wise, the surveying of the mangroves has kicked off properly which is a lot of fun. The surveying includes recording different species, measuring salinity and tying bowties to trees, not to mention ample amounts of wading around ankle-deep in mud, hoping not to fall waist deep into a hole!
Half of us got the chance to go to Cousin on Wednesday and saw some amazing birds like The Magpie Robin, Seychelles Fody and lots of White-tailed tropicbirds on the island reserve followed by turtles, parrotfish and white-tip reef sharks and rays in the waters around it. They had a wonderful time which the rest of us are sure to have as well when we go on Friday.
/ Sarah