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Clear Objectives And Sustainable Outcomes

Carbon Offsetting

Global carbon emissions continue to grow year-on-year. Strategies on ways to reduce and offset carbon emissions are increasingly on the agenda of many international development organisations - including GVI. We are an international organisation, with bases in 13+ countries. Due to this, we have thousands of participants flying from around the world on a regular basis, which contributes to increased carbon emissions in a way that we can’t accept.

We already work on a number of carbon mitigation projects and initiatives globally, and we have introduced green energy solutions to many of our bases, such as solar energy, rainwater catchment systems, and compostable toilets, to name a few.

However, flights are the highest carbon emitters within our organisation and thus thepriority for us to begin managing and offsetting. We are aware that future GVI participants are conscious about the effects that flying has on the environment. There is even a growing movement called the ‘no flying movement’, which encourages travellers to try where possible to use alternative modes of transport. However, this may not be a viable possibility for many of our participants.

This is why, true to our global mission, we are looking to partner with carbon offsetting organisations who have accreditation and proven strategies for carbon emission mitigation. Once we have identified the right projects and partners to help us, we will begin to offset the carbon emissions created by our participants’ flights.

We will keep this page updated as we progress in our efforts to reduce and offset carbon emissions from international flights.

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