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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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Short term volunteering abroad with GVI allows individuals, families or groups to make the most of their time abroad while volunteering on critical conservation and community development programs around the world.

From one week and up, you can make a sustainable long-term difference in some of the world’s poorest countries. We now also have a range of programs specifically for students looking to travel during their spring break; join an alternative springbreak program abroad or join one of volunteer holiday programs and make a real difference in the world. With over 8 different focuses to choose from, projects in over 12 countries, and over 14 years of running volunteer projects, you can be assured that volunteering with GVI will provide a meaningful impact and the benefits of your work will continue well after you have gone home.

Critical additions to our team

short term volunteering

Volunteers like you are the reason why we are able to continue to support so many projects and communities all over the world. Even over the short term, you are a critical addition to our team and to the work we work towards on the ground.

Positive short term impact

volunteer holiday s

Don’t think that just because you’re only volunteering over the short term that you can’t make a difference. GVI projects run year-round with full-time staff, at the direction of local partners and communities, so that your efforts can be channeled correctly.



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