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About The GVI Trust


The GVI Trust is the charitable arm of GVI and is a registered UK Charity. The Trust was founded in 2005 after a huge outpouring of support by GVI Alumni after Hurricane Stan devastated communities we worked with in Guatemala.

Since its inception, The GVI Trust has contributed over £1 650 000 to over 40 projects in the fields of community, wildlife and marine conservation and education. The work that The GVI Trust does compliments and enhances the contributions and efforts that GVI participants make. The GVI Trust provides additional funding to complete bigger or more costly projects, assist partners with additional needs that volunteer funding can’t cover and contribute to resources and opportunities for our networks.

The GVI Trust has helped us strengthen our program of child protection by promoting the development of children through the exchange of experience and knowledge. They have also helped us improve the infrastructure of our ludoteca (toy libraries). Save the Children, Mexico

Projects Supported by The GVI Trust

Scholarships for Students in Laos

Economic disadvantage and entrenched cultural values restrict access to education in rural areas in Laos. The opportunity for higher education and English language acquisition are limited for all, and most especially for girls. Many young people forego further education due to limited resources and lack of support.

Elephant Rescue in Thailand

Elephants in Thailand are exploited in the tourist industry, made to live in tourist camps and used in street begging. This is a cruel and unnatural life for elephants. The mahouts are also in difficult positions with very little alternative options. This project offers the mahouts a way to bring their elephants back to the forests where they belong.

Disaster Relief in Fiji 

After cyclone Winston hit Fiji, The GVI Trust enabled the rebuilding of the GVI library and community base in Fiji. Natural disasters happen all over the world, but none are more affected than communities in developing and third world nations which are, more often than not, ill prepared for these unavoidable events.

Domestic Animal Therapy in Mexico

Playa del Carmen, like many cities, struggles with a population of neglected and stray dogs and cats. We believe that we can make a difference through education campaigns, awareness programs and access to low-cost care. We have a long-standing partnership with Coco’s Animal Welfare, who have been operating in the area for 7 years.

The GVI Trust’s Impact in 2016

Total amount contributed to projects all around the world

Contributed to two partner schools in Kenya

Spent across the projects in Nepal

Contributed to an Early Learning Centre in Limpopo, South Africa

Raised for disaster relief in Fiji after Cyclone Winston

Get Involved

There are many ways that you can get involved and we rely on your support! Your contribution, no matter how big or small, truly makes a difference and contributes to the success of The GVI Trust!