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I took part in the marine conservation project in the Seychelles. The reason I got involved with GVI was because I knew that I wanted to do scuba diving for a longer period of time whilst meeting new people. I found GVI on the internet when searching for volunteering programmes, and found out they were a large and trustworthy organisation. The thing I loved most about my time with GVI was meeting like-minded people, as everyone was there wanting to dive and make memories. My most interesting discovery diving in the Seychelles was the level of impact global warming has had on the coral reefs. Seeing the amount of dead corals first hand really opens your eyes to the environmental issues we face today. There wasn’t anything too challenging, although you do have to get used to carrying heavy scuba tanks all day. As to the other volunteers though, they were all very welcoming and happy to help out with settling in as they would teach you all the little things about living at base that come in handy. Staff as well were really awesome people, and at first I could hardly tell they were staff since they would participate and do pretty much everything that we did. The project itself was actually getting more and more interesting as I got the chance to do more and more surveys as time went on. Training for these surveys was pretty straight forward and living at base and diving every day made remembering different names of fish and invertebrates quite easy. I remember just before joining the project I was a bit worried that I hadn’t learnt everything in time, but when you’re here you just know it. Before coming to the GVI project I had just finished my A levels in the UK, as I live there as well. I’m going into university after this trip although I didn’t really want to leave. I am definitely more aware of our impact on the oceans than I thought I would be after diving in the Seychelles. I don’t think you can really understand it unless you actually see it for yourself with your own eyes, which is why I would recommend anyone interested in diving or the oceans to come out here. My experience here was unforgettable and yours will be too. Get out here or you’ll regret not coming.