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Before I started the project I had preconceived ideas of what to expect and can happily say that everyone of those was exceeded. GVI gave me so many great experiences and opportunities to try new things and for that I will be forever grateful. The project has improved my employability, but more importantly it has given me direction which for the last few years I have sorely lacked. The impact of the program on the ground was a privilege to be a part of, waking up at 4.30am for morning drive and not knowing what you might see is a great feeling to wake up to. Everything you do on a day to day basis is a learning experience, but its done in a such a way that you don’t realise its happening. No classroom or website could have taught me in a month what I learnt during my time on Karongwe and not just the surrounding wildlife, but conservation, culture and history. The support of GVI from the start and hopefully onwards has been incredible, from my first phone call not knowing what I wanted to do, down to every member of staff I have met along the way. I was lucky enough to meet members of staff from other GVI projects who had stopped by for a few days, namely Richard Wilks and Tilda Christensson. Getting to talk with them about the different areas they work in was very enlightening. All in all everything I hoped I’d get out of the project I did and more. The one moment that will stay with me forever is the entire pride of lions chasing down the Cheetah mother and her four cubs whilst our field guides were off the vehicle, it was a rush of every emotion at once and a feeling I wont forget anytime soon. The staff on base were astonished at what we had experienced, many of them have lived/worked in the bush their entire lives and never witnessed anything like it, really put it into perspective.