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I went to Fiji as someone who had never dived before and came home as someone wanting to pursue a career in this field. I had never lived away from home before and had never travelled solo. It sounds ridiculously cliched but the 8 weeks I spent on the other side of the world were the best 8 weeks of my life and have shaped me into a better person. From the moment I met the team and my fellow volunteers in Fiji I felt at ease. Living on a tiny island in the middle of paradise whilst learning a new skill and giving back to the environment and the community made my time away incredible. I didn't think I was capable of the things that I now know that I am and have a desire to do more work just like this. It wasn't just the amazing diving in Fiji that I enjoyed so much but the country as a whole; the culture and the people were the most welcoming thing ever and I really did become part of a huge Fijian family for two months. The project gave me a new perspective of the world and made me 100 x more aware of issues around me. I would recommend any of the GVI marine programs to anybody who wants to make a difference, meet amazing new people and see magical places, words can't really describe how awesome these experiences can be.