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When I arrived in Thailand, I was so overwhelmed by everything, as it was my first time travelling alone. But as soon as I met the other volunteers and staff when they picked us up, I instantly felt at home. The programme itself is so rewarding, Monday to Wednesday we would teach kindergarten in the mornings, followed by working at the Camillian Social Centre. On Wednesdays before kindergarten we also taught healthcare to Burmese children at the Community Development Centre. One day I also got to help out on the conservation project with the sea turtles. Any expectations I had of this trip were greatly exceeded. There was structure to everything, and the staff became like family and were always there to help with any concerns or queries. I'm not sure how well this will affect my employability, as I'm not going into the healthcare sector, but I do believe that it has improved my confidence and given me a whole new perspective on life. I would 100% love to go on another GVI programme, you can genuinely see how much they are helping these communities, and as cliche as it sounds, it definitely changed my life.