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The project that took part in was the Seychelles Environmental conservation at Cap Ternay starting on May 18 th ending on July 21 st . I became involved with GVI because I was taking a year out of education, between secondary school and university, to attempt travel around and broaden my horizons. I was searching for something which would have a positive impact on both me and the world, but also involved diving since it is a huge passion of mine. I stumbled upon this GVI project on a website which is dedicated to volunteering and it caught my eye instantly with its wonderful location and intriguing description. The average day at Cap Ternay would begin with a wake up at around 7:30 which is followed by duties around the base like preparing breakfast or cleaning then bathrooms. The highlight of certain morning would be the breakfast cuisine; it being eggs and bacon on one day or pancakes on another, though the porridge with freshly cut apples always seemed to fill an empty stomach. Another highlight would of course be the diving, seeing what lurks beneath the waves is truly a wonderful experience and being at Cap Ternay enables us to see it closer and easier than many other people. The aspect that I loved the most at GVI was the serenity of the surroundings with both the people, staff and volunteers, and the environment complimenting each other to form a lovely place to live for two months in. My most interesting discovery would be learning about the fish that I was required to survey during my time here. It was quite daunting being presented with over 60 fish to learn off by heart but when one sees the fish in real life while diving it becomes far more easy to recognize, especially when there is staff always eager to help. Some of the challenges that I was presented with are ones like having to cook for 25 people which always takes longer than you think! As I said previously both the staff and the volunteers were lovely to live around there was never any situations which was short of a joke or two. Generally speaking the volunteers were all sociable people who had stories to share. The project itself was very enjoyable and taught me many things about marine life. The training was very good and the staff was always there to help out if any of us were struggling. My proudest accomplishment would be achieving my PADI advanced open water certificate. My outlook has changed since I care more about marine conservation now and how things affect our seas and oceans. One thing I would recommend someone joining GVI would be that you have to prepare for cold showers and being a tad bit dirty all of the time.