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**A happy testimonial, mentioning support and knowledge of staff, giving a good account of variety of projects covered.** Email: [email protected] Tel: 07490819250 New Zealand born; currently living in UK. I had such a great time on Curieuse! The staff were so friendly and welcoming and we had volunteers from all over the world. Base life is basic but it’s so worth it to share an island with more giant tortoises than people! The variety of different surveys you are able to do here surprised me. In my short 2 week stay I managed to take part in 3 sharking surveys where the sickle fin lemon sharks are captured, scanned for any tags (tagged if none found), weighed, measured, photographed and released. You get to touch baby sharks! So awesome! But also awesome to know that many of these sharks are recaptured so data can be collected on growth over time. We also did at least one turtle survey per day as turtle activity is high at this time of year; measuring tracks, recording body pits/nests/egg chambers (if found) and if you’re lucky you’ll see a mum turtle come up and lay her eggs, measure and tag her! We also did beach profiling surveys to shed light on sediment loss and gain over time and any potential seasonal trends. In the first week we all would have a presentation the night before conducting a survey for the first time and be trained in any equipment used. The staff support was great and there seemed to be no question they couldn’t answer which gave us real confidence. The wildlife on base is awesome – I’ve already mentioned the tortoises (MacGregor and Obama are regular visitors and if you love them you’ll lose your mind when you visit the rangers station 25+ guaranteed!) there are lots of geckos around base, if you haven’t seen one yet when you get there, Alan the base manager is somewhat of a gecko whisperer so he’ll find you one, Seychelles sunbirds fly about the bommie and of course the marine life on the front door step! Snorkelling and even just swimming you will see plenty of marine life. My two favourite memories from this awesome project was releasing my first shark as the sun rose around 6am and going to sleep to the sound of the gentle waves on the shore. Loving the sea and the natural environment as much as I do made this the perfect 2 weeks on an island away from heavy tourism.