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My name is Rowan Chesters, I am from a small town in Shropshire England and I go to university in Liverpool studying marketing. I had just finished my first year when I came to this Conservation project in Phang Nga Thailand. I decided to go on this trip as I wanted to do conservation so much and after going through so many different options on the internet I saw this as the best option as the whole project looked amazing. Living on base here was such a good experience. On the first few days of project we received training on everything we needed to know on PowerPoints and having Rachel speak about it all to us which was very helpful. We would do project work Monday – Thursday, including going to the navy base to look after the turtles, do beach cleans, go on bird walks, teach a local class and many other different little projects that were all so much fun. Every other Friday we did a project as a whole group which was so fun, while I was there we went to a hotel and did a teaching camp with lots of children which was wonderful. In the mornings we usually got up very early to go and spent most of our day away from base doing work. In the evenings we would have dinner together, cooked by someone who lived in the village and It was always delicious and different every day. After this we would have debrief and then all sit together and chat, play games, go to the beach or do the weekly Wednesday quiz! We had the weekends of. On the shorter weekend we just relaxed, went to the beach and just chatted together, on the longer weekends we had we did group trips which for me included Khao Sok and Railay beach which was so much fun! The staff on the project were amazing. I spent most of my time with Rachel and Luis as they were on the conservation project and they are so lovely and friendly and so involved with the projects, seeing their passion and love for the work we were doing was inspiring! The other staff who worked there were also lovely, made you feel so comfortable and at home and could have a lot of fun with them to (especially on quiz night). I feel this project has benefitted me in many ways, I feel more confident and comfortable in myself knowing I can do something like this by myself and meet so many amazing people and do such good work for the project. Every part of this project has been memorable and anyone that is thinking about it I would tell them just to go for it and there is nothing to worry about at all. I was so nervous before coming and I keep looking back thinking how unnecessary all that worrying was for as I was good from the moment I arrived. Thank you GVI for this experience.