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Hi! I’m Rosie Willmott and I am one of the six month interns here on the GVI Thai Elephant project in Chiang Mai province, Thailand, and have recently finished my A-level courses in Art, Photography and Biology. I took on this project to experience working with animals in the field first-hand, as conservation is an area I would like to specialize in. As an elephant intern I run health checks which are essential to monitor the herd’s overall well-being. Having never before worked with such large animals it is fascinating as well as educational to see them in a natural setting. In addition to working with the elephants on a daily basis I have taken on the biodiversity study which looks at the variety of flora and fauna that can be found in and around the village of Huay Pakoot. The ultimate aim of this study is to produce a small guide that can be used by future volunteers, staff and other tourists whilst out on hikes.