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'In October 2017 I was lucky enough to live out one of my life long dreams. For years I have wanted to visit South Africa and get up close to the stunning wildlife. My trip only lasted 2 weeks but it was life changing, I was completely blown away! From the minute I set the date the GVI team where there to provide all the support, advice and encouragement I needed. I met so many lovely people before and during my trip. We were able to share stories and advice definitely made friends for life! South Africa is a stunning place, living within the bush was so grounding. Being so close to the wildlife was just incredible. You are made to feel such a part of the team, helping with the conservation work, taking data on the animals and helping out on base you become part of the family in a matter of days! Working alongside such knowledgeable individuals I was in awe each and everyday! Learning about the different animal groups/families, their behaviour and the impact our conservation has on their success filled me with so much passion and pride I didn't want to leave. My short trip fuelled my love for conservation and left me craving for the next adventure! Since being back in the UK I have signed up for volunteer conservation work in my local area, taken up some conservation specific study and signed up for a return trip to the beautiful Karongwe Reserve in 2019 this time staying for 6 weeks. I feel SA has a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful to GVI for allowing me to experience my life long dream! Some of most memorable moments are walking in on Kwezie the Cheetah mum watching her finish off the impala she had taken down the previous night. Spending 15mins watching the 3 Cheetah cubs chase each other around the truck, climbing the trees and generally causing mischief. Driving into the pride of Lions lazing around the Koppies with the cubs. Spending the morning carting boulders and rocks in the truck from base to a flooded road deep in the reserve, was back braking but such satisfying work, Got to see a Leopard Tortoise and track a Leopard kill while doing so too!! Being escorted up the fence line during dusk by the 3 male Cheetahs after 10 days of radio silence, was so utterly serene. My first Brae night, such a beautiful sunset against the mountains and watching a family of bats head out on their evening hunt. Our trip to Krueger spotting the baby hyaenas and seeing crazy amounts of incredible elephants. I could go on forever every bit of my 2 week trip was unforgettable! I would recommend anyone with a passion for wildlife and a love of conservation to get in touch with GVI today! YOU WONT REGRET IT!