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Each day started with completing base duties – which could be making breakfast, preparing the boat and dive equipment, or filling the tanks with air. You would then go on two dives during the day. This often meant eating lunch out on the boat in the sunshine, while enjoying the amazing surroundings of Cap Ternay – definitely one of the best times of the day! In between the dives and dinner you could either continue some of the duties, record your survey results, or just have some spare time for yourself. Myself, I liked to use this time to just lie in one of the hammocks and read while the sun started to set. After dinner, all the volunteers often hung out together – watching movies or documentaries, baking lots of cookies, or just chatting for an hour or two. Overall, each day was never dull yet allowed for enough time for yourself to really enjoy your time at this amazing place. The volunteers were a great mix of young people at different stages of their lives. What united everyone was a love for diving, and an urge to help save our oceans. There was always a great mood within the group and everyone were very friendly and easy going. The same goes for the staff – while they all were very professional and supportive, they were a great bunch of people that were easy to get along with. The training was quite extensive, involving not just diving skills and identification of fish, corals or whatever group you’re assigned; but also emergency response training and how to take care of the boat and diving equipment. It might seem like a lot to begin with, but quite quickly it will all become second nature. Before joining this project, I was working in banking. After realizing I was not on the right path in life, I decided to go travelling the world. This program was the perfect way to start that journey – at the same time as I went someplace completely different from home, I was still able to set up new routines and settle down for an extended period of time. For someone thinking of joining this program, I urge them be open minded! This place will most definitely be very different from the comforts of your home, and to fully be able to appreciate the time here, you need to be able to accept that it will be a much simpler standard of living. With that said, many aspects of the camp were better than expected – especially the kitchen. There was much more food and cooking possibilities than I expected, and there was almost always someone baking bread or cookies for everyone to enjoy. Also, while there are opportunities to get SIM-cards with data, I recommend not getting this, and use your time here for an “Internet-detox” – it was so refreshing getting away from the information overload and pointless phone-routines I was used to back home!