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I volunteered on the GVI Seychelles Cap Ternay for weeks. I got involved with GVI through their website after researching volunteer projects abroad that including diving and GVI looked the most interesting. On an average day, we would wake up for our duties and then would dive once or twice during the day with relaxing or sunbathing in between dives. My highlights were swimming with a Whale Shark on a fun dive during my second week. It was towards the end of our dive and swam with us for a while. Other highlights were seeing seeing turtles, rays and sharks. I loved about GVI was the diving and how friendly everyone was, the atmosphere on base was very fun. The staff were very lovely and always very helpful with questions I had about island tours or diving etc. The project overall I enjoyed a lot and diving every day in Seychelles was paradise. I wish I could have dived everyday twice. The training was very helpful, however I wish we could have had more time in the beginning for training so I could have done more surveys. The GVI support was very good, someone was always in the office if I needed to ask a staff member for help. My proudest accomplishment was diving my first deep dive down to 30m which scared me at first but once we were at 30m it didn’t feel any different to being 10m. Before coming to GVI I was working in an Architect’s firm for 12 month placement as part of my university degree.