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My name is Meg, I'm 17 and from Warwick, England. Last year I had the opportunity to visit Central America for a month and a very small part of that trip included volunteering. However, I did't fully feel that I had spent enough time there to really contribute very much with the volunteering aspects of that trip. So I decided that I would look at volunteering trips where I would be more involved with the communities and I would feel like I had actually contributed. I chose to come to South Africa because I have some South African in my family but I have never really looked into the culture or experienced the country fully. After my 2 week programme with GVI working at the primary school I feel like I have developed my confidence as an individual and learnt a lot more about myself and my future potential. I have learnt skills about sports coaching which I can take home to the sports groups that I work with on a regular basis. Travelling to another country on my own, to meet and work with a group of people I had never met before has given my reassurance that I do have the potential to be able to travel solo during a gap year. I have also decided that I would like to do some longer term volunteering in one location, which could possibly be back in South Africa, because even after 2 weeks it feels very rewarding that I have actually contributed. I had an amazing trip, thanks to everybody.