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I did my 2 month Internship for the Marine Conservation program in Seychelles, Mahe. My project to do was Fish 2 surveys at different sites close to Cap Ternay. Found the GVI website on the internet and was interested in the programs straight away. I finished studied Oceanography at Cape Penisula Univeristy of Technology (CPUT) in Cape Town, South Africa in 2015. Worked since then mostly for Aquaculture companies like Abagold (abalone and was inSouth Africa), Crusta Nova (shrimp and was in Germany), Trout Farming at Grevenhof (Germany), doing research management work. My average project day was doing the Stationary Point Count and the Fish Belt to survey the fish at selected sites, which were very interesting. The staff told use (volunteers) what type of survey to do, which was either shallow or deep and which side to do, either left, right or center. Once you have finished the surveys, we all put the information into the data base and into the data books. The Mega Fauna should also be recorded if seen. I loved mostly to see the highlights which were: seeing the Green Turtle, Hawkbill Turtel, Marbel Ray, Eagle Ray, Feathertail and Thornyback Ray, Lobsters, Squid and Octopus, Black and White Tip Sharks, Barracuda. They all were very interesting to discover in the big ocean. The diving and looking for mega fauna was my favored aspect. Training at base was fun and learned a lot more form the ocean and the importance to protect it. My proudest accomplishment was finishing my PADI Advanced Open Water Course, which will help me for future research projects in the water. The challenges doing the program: getting used to the food at base (eating mostly oats and fruits in the mornings). Getting used to the humid climate on the island. The volunteers and staff were all fun to meet and great people. Learned a lot from there languages and games they play at home. The staff did a great job organizing everything and helping use with the day activities. GVI support team was very helpful when I had question or problems with some things to prepare before coming to Seychelles. Like I said, the Staff was awesome and would like to say thanks again too: Pia, Jim, Andy, Stu, Bella, Nico and Lydia. My advice for people that wanna joining GVI: If you love the ocean and wanna learn more from it and also want to contribute by cleaning and doing projects to see if the coral and fish populations are increasing again offer time, then the GVI program is the right choice. THANK YOU GVI, FOR THE AWESOME ADVANTURE!!!!