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My name is Malika, I am 17 and I live in London. I was very excited to come to South Africa mainly because I have always wanted to work with children and because travelling the world and exploring different cultures are big interests of mine. Coming here was scary for me because I had never been to Africa or South Africa before and everyone was telling me how dangerous it would be and how the people were in poverty and I built up a picture in my head of how the people would act and the reality was so much different. The people in the township Nomzamo were so wonderful and sweet and they had this amazing sense of community, also some of the kids at the school were so intelligent and talented which I was not expecting. At first teaching was hard because I had no idea how to control the class, the boys I had were so energetic and overwhelming but after the first day I felt so much more comfortable. The kids had a great spirit and the lessons with them were so much fun because they got so excited for the lessons. I also enjoyed the extra activities, the Langa tour and the Cape point tour, these were an great experience to see the wildlife and the lives of the people in the townships. Charlotte and Tilda were great leaders and they really taught us how to lead the kids. I really enjoyed this trip and I hope to do this again.