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My time in India was awesome. India is amazing and I do believe I have driven many of my friends and family members mad by how much I have discussed my Indian adventure since returning. I would strongly advise anyone to pack their bags and visit this outstanding part of the world- right away—pack them and leave now! I was part of the woman’s empowerment project working in Kerala in South India. Our work included volunteering with WIN society. WIN is a network of women who wish to improve their conversational English as well as become part of social group and understand more about the freedoms and ability of women. We visited these women once a week. Developing their skills to teach them how to order in a restaurant, how to go to the bank and take out money; simple processes that they could understand and practice doing for themselves. This could provide them with just a bit more independence for the future. Another volunteer project was working in a completely different setting at PRS. PRS is a relief settlement for women across India. The women here are often abandoned by their family with nowhere else to go. A comparative cohort to those at WIN, we would spend our time here doing arts and crafts with the ladies. Due to the language barrier, it was easier to do more practical tasks. However, you see a complete breakdown in translation when music is played and it was brilliant to end most sessions dancing around with the ladies. They had so much laughter in their hearts despite such suffering in their lives, it was humbling to share a moment of joy with them. These two example of project work shows the polar spectrum each day brings in Kerala, everyday is new, everyday is different and everyday has a brilliance that I enjoyed so much. I miss my time in India and can only dream to go back in the future.