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The GVI cape town, women’s empowerment program has had a lasting impact on my life, which I genuinely didn’t see coming. As we drove through the township for the first time, a silence fell over the group, I’m not sure any of us were prepared for the pervasive poverty we were witnessing. The situation within the township made the resilience and strength, of the women and girls we were working with even more impressive. This lit a fire in the volunteers, to make the most of our time and have an impact. My favourite part of the whole program was the girl’s empowerment workshops. Taking over from the last group of volunteers, we made the program our own, teaching basic health care, but also ideas of confidence and mental health, which I hope will have a lasting effect of these amazing kids’ lives. I’ve realised now that I went on the program to empower these girls and women, and ended up becoming empowered myself, never did I think that I would be able to stand up in front of a group of kids and teach, and do it well. I wake up every morning, with the songs stuck in my head, the gusto with which the kids sing ‘boom chika boom,’ or ‘making melodies in my heart,’ made me belly laugh every time. And I’m sure my friends back home are going to get sick of me humming and singing ‘let me see your astronaut’ at some point soon.