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The programme was amazing. The staff in Luang Prabang were helpful, friendly and professional in every sense of the word. They were totally committed to the work they were doing there and their enthusiasm was contagious. I loved working with the Novices. Their gracious, humble manner was a delight to be around. They worked so hard in class and many of the concepts we were trying to teach them were complex, difficult to grasp and totally foreign to their way of thinking. Never did they make us think that what we were trying to teach them was boring or not necessary. The stories of their lives and family separations were sad and inspiring. To see these young Novices, so far from home, taking on responsibilities of adults twice their age was amazing. Their self - discipline and honour of family was to be admired. The teachers at Wat Pasaviet, left behind them the beginnings of the first library for the novices to share. Few books are available to borrow at the Luang Prabang library, so it was great to leave something educational, useful and personal for them to share. Two novices became the librarians in charge of signing books in and out and GVI staff donated a book shelf to store the books safely and readily. My time in Luang Prabang was a time I will never forget. It was SO much more than “volunteer work overseas”. As a retiree, cash is not flowing freely into my wallet, so, I am in the process of finding part – time work so I can return to Luang Prabang and re – join this fabulous team. Thank you all for memories engraved in my mind which constantly bring a quiet smile to my face as I relive my time there.