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I undertook the GVI Volunteer with Children in South Africa trip in December 2011. For two weeks we were blessed with the children of the Ikhayalathemba village just outside of Cape Town in the beautiful Gordons Bay. We were greeted with hugs smiles and laughter from the start! As it was the festive period we took the children to the beach, had a Christmas party, learnt the nativity play and even Santa Claus came to visit! Even though these children had the bare essentials they took hold of every experience given to them and worked hard during lesson times making you feel that every part of what we were doing was making a difference to them! Despite the glorious weather I managed to get flu! But the GVI team that were with me were so helpful taking me to the doctors and ensuring I made a speedy recovery! They helped with every small part we needed from where the local shops were to helping with teaching plans. GVI also helped with outside experiences from visiting Cape Town and Townships to wine tour safaris and scuba diving! Every part of my experience will stay with me for a very long time and I look forward to more trips with GVI and hopefully even return soon!