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At some point I was thinking about the fact that in our modern western society, where we have everything that we can dream of, sometimes we still are not happy. Therefore I wanted to join the ‘Volunteering with Children’ program. I wanted to do something for people and specifically children - who are ‘less fortunate’ than us - to try to help them in any way possible, to try to give them a good time and most importantly to try to make them happy. I wanted to experience this together with other, likeminded young people who are striving for the same goals. On August 18 2017 I was very excited to finally leave for my new adventure in Costa Rica. I am never going to forget my first day as a volunteer: I was part of the childcare program and … I didn’t know any word of Spanish. I was really wondering how I had to communicate with the kids and I was doubting if I actually could do it. But I’m very thankful for the other volunteers who helped me to get through it advising me just to try and see. And it worked! Several days – and also some Spanish courses – later, I realised that I really had made a connection with the kids which gives you an amazing feeling. For example, in the morning they came running towards us in the streets, waving, so happy to see us; during classes we make jokes, we played and learned together and most importantly we had a lot of fun! Therefore leaving all of them three weeks later when my program ended was very hard. I knew that I really was going to miss them! Being able to live with all the other volunteers in the house in Quepos during the volunteering program was a very nice experience. I met so many great people and I honestly felt very welcome in the house. I am so thankful that I could experience this together with all of them. Also, since Costa Rica is such a beautiful country with marvelous nature, I travelled around with them during the weekends, which was a lot of fun. During the three weeks I have met some truly amazing friends and I am very grateful that I could experience those weeks together with them! All in all I’m very happy that I have decided to join the volunteering program in Quepos. Although the amount of English that I taught to the children was not immense, I am still convinced that my experience was really valuable, both for the kids as well as for myself. I think together with the other volunteers we could make the children at least happy for the time they were spending at the school, which definitely has and will have an impact on their lives!