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I returned from the GVI Mexico Yucatan volunteer trip two weeks ago, but I’m still full of emotions from experience I have get there, from beautiful people I have met here, from everything what happens to me during this unforgettable month. One part of my heart has remained in Mexico forever and this was a first time in my life when I didn’t want to go back home... My month there consisted of helping at animal protection organisation „Coco’s Animal Welfare Playa del Carmen” which is a low cost spay & neuter clinic for cats and dogs. They have programmes available for feral cats and dogs known as TNR (trap-neuter-release), rescued kitten programme, rescued dog and puppy programme, the cat café programme and also a wildlife programme. Coco’s works not only with animals but also with their owners, visiting poor communities and creating awareness about the importance of spay and neuter and giving them advice how best care for their pets and bring their pets in for free sterilization. Coco’s gives help not only for animals but also for poor people, organising events, during which free medical consultations are provided to children and adults, as well as donated clothes and toys for children are handed out. I was also happy to participate in grand ViDAS spay&neuter campaign during which hundreds of animals were sterilized. And everywhere I met beautiful, warm-hearted people – knowledgeable and high professional GVI staff, passionate Coco’s team, other volunteers and many others, who became my friends. In fact directly people jointly doing their meaningful work, were the ones, who made this adventure memorable and wonderful. This is important, amazing, awesome and incredibly work which they are doing with passion, determination and perseverance, and I was proud to be part of this team