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My names Kirsty Stewart. I’m 16 and from Aberdeen, Scotland. I came to South Africa as a part of my Dofe residential and also because I wanted to experience what was life was like in a community that was different to my own. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it has made me realise the privileges that I received every day and take for granted. My project coordinators, Tilda and Charlotte, immediately made me feel welcome when we arrived and base and have continued to make us all feel comfortable. I was glad that they treated as if we were friends and made us all feel like a family when we sat down at the dinner table. Working with the children in the school surprised me as I believed before I arrived that they would all be miserable in the conditions they lived in but I was greeted with the complete opposite the children were more than happy and were passionate and excited to be doing sports. This experience has made me rethink going straight uni and to explore the opportunities I could possibly do instead.