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My experience these past two months has been rewarding, educational, and transformative. I’ve had the opportunity to conduct service and have an impact on the surrounding community in both a short term and long term way. I’ve been able to form connections with local villagers and develop lasting relationships over these two months while teaching them skills, mainly English, that they will continue to use and develop after we’ve left. GVI has been integral to my experience here: providing strong leaders, an immersive program, and the opportunity to make a difference. GVI really emphasizes personal reflection and introspection which forced me to put my ideals and values under question from a service perspective. These sessions facilitate lasting personal growth and really gave me an impactful and transformative two months. The staff here has been incredibly supportive and caring; I feel very comfortable going to any staff member with a concern or new idea. The friendliness and inclusiveness they’ve shown to me these past two months has made this summer one to remember.