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When I was looking for a wildlife conservation project to take part of, GVI was one of the companies that came up. One reason I decided to pick GVI was how they help to set up projects that the local communities can eventually run themselves. In Vanuatu it was mostly local ran with GVI helping provide volunteers with each of them having a role within the project, whether it was taking us out to check on sea turtle nests, cooking, or being our local “mama” for our stay. After some training presentations on sea turtle ecology and surveying, we spent our time walking along a stunning beach whilst checking on turtle nests and taking note of how many hatched etc. We were lucky enough to see some hatchlings emerge from the nest and helped them safely to the sea. Due to the time of year we had quite a bit of free time where we were able to help at the school, local building projects or discover the amazing surrounding marine life by snorkeling or sea kayaking looking for turtles and dugong. This project was an amazing eye-opener at how small communities live and work and learning about other cultures. As an Ecologist learning new wildlife surveying techniques are always beneficial to getting a job, as well as learning transferable skills such as working in teams to get a job done. The local people on the tiny island where the most welcoming people taking us on boat trips to see the giant clams and admitting us into their homes. I would recommend this project to people who love marine wildlife, and a slower pace of life (or island time as it were), and who want to learn about happiest place in the world!