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To methodically map out the most important and formative things that happened in the past 2 months, I will make a list of the sources of information. Jess was an excellent leader. I learned a ton of info about leadership from her example and conversation. She was an excellent facilitator of group dialogue and thusly pushed our group to share, be respectful and be vulnerable. I learned a lot about myself thanks to Jess. Jess wasn’t the only one who set an amazing example. The staff members; Jutter, Jolly and Zeno plus others I’m forgetting, cultivated a welcoming atmosphere of safety and care without coddling. Jutter and Jolly also helped us with our cultural adjustment. Working at St. Louis was a lesson in sustainable development and understanding. Working in the garden when we so desperately wanted to be inside with the kids was a lesson in patience, but in the end we created something much more useful. The friendships and knowledge I gained from my group is great. Much more than that, however, under the leadership of Jess, I learned how to successfully work in a group. That will prove to be an invaluable skill as I move forward.