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When arriving in Fiji with GVI I was aware of the countries status as the happiest place on earth. Now I am not sure how this is judged but its safe to say you can just give the trophy to Fiji every year! From the moment I arrived in Fiji I was greeted with nothing but warmth and appreciation from all that I met. My role as part of GVI's community construction project was to focus on installing and digging the base for vital water tanks. Not only are they a resource for fresh drinking water but used a way of growing crops that can sustain the villages throughout the particularly hot summer months. It was quickly I realised that despite being in paradise many islanders lacked the basics that we take for granted. As a group, we were invited into the home of a local family's house (Bure) who put on the most amazing lunch and thanked us so much for our efforts. I honestly believe that by participating in such projects as this your whole outlook on travel and how we can give back will change. GVI have created an amazing project which has allowed such a great relationship with the local community's. I urge you to give this a try and see Fiji in a way a tourist just simply never can!