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I have been based in Jalova since January 2013 and since arriving it has been a thoroughly memorable experience. The sheer diversity of Flora and Fauna provides the opportunity that you’ll never know what maybe round the next corner. This in conjunction with staff who are passionate and supportive made the whole experience truly amazing, so much so I ended up staying a lot longer than I meant to. Interview **Why did you choose to do an internship with GVI?** The internship with GVI afforded me the opportunity of gaining valuable practical experience relevant to the environmental management and impact assessment fields. Further to this it also provides the individual with a unique experience in a visually stunning and stimulating environment. **How did your internship help you achieve your personal and professional goals?** The internship allowed me to develop professional skill sets such as taxonomic classification and data analysis, as well as interpersonal and leadership attributes. The choice of location, staff and relative isolation are key factor in contributing to these skills and allowed me the opportunity and support to focus on these areas. **Has your GVI internship helped you develop your career and be more employable? Would you recommend your internship from a professional and personal development perspective?** I would recommend this internship to any individuals wishing to further themselves with regard to environmental science and would be ideally suited for recent graduates looking to develop their practical ability after the theory of University. Although the opportunities presented here would benefit anyone with an interest in this area and are prepared to work hard and enjoy themselves.