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My experience with GVI Giannitsochori was the best few weeks of my life. I got to work alongside a bunch of amazing people in a team and was taught so much by a group of educated individuals who showed me what life can be like. Working with the wildlife was an experience in itself as it gives you a shock seeing a turtle emerge from the sand and begin making its way down to the ocean but I had the opportunity to see so much more than that as the first hatchling I ever saw was close to a lucky chance out of the corner of my eye, one little guy flipped over on his back on top of the nest. Odd to see but a great experience learning how to problem solve and bury him until he was ready to emerge again stronger a few days later. It’s also a weird sensation with 6am wakeup for a 6.30 beach survey seeming like a daunting task but in reality was the most soul-calming thing ever imagined. This program has made me so much more aware of what’s happening in this world and that something has to be done to protect these little guys.