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I’ve learned more than I ever imagined I would. I didn’t know that some of my best teachers in life would come from such unexpected places. I had started the trip unsure of how impactful this trip would be on my own life philosophies, on my understanding and personal development. However, from teaching, I had learned a great deal about patience, humility and happiness. I was a bit uninformed, thinking that teaching wouldn’t be so hard but it made me realise just how much effort it takes to be a good teacher. From everyone I met, I learned to find happiness in the small things and how happiness can come from anywhere. I most definitely would recommend GVI because the organisation of projects, accommodation and resources were exceptional. I always felt at home with the genuine care and love that surrounded me. The team leaders always worked so hard to ensure that we were enjoying ourselves and having the best experience we could. On top of fantastic project planning, we also did a lot of enrichment like Malaylam lessons, Yoga, martial arts, cooking, trips to Munnas, Bollywood dancing and sightseeing. My time in India was amazing and it was all thanks to the efforts to GVI.