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My name is Gina and I’m from England. I graduated from the University of Liverpool last year where I studied Law. I became interested in finding a volunteer opportunity as I wanted to help others and thought it would be a great way to experience a new country and culture. I found GVI after searching online for volunteering opportunities, and thought the Women’s Empowerment project would be interesting and fulfilling. I volunteered with a Women’s Empowerment project in Fiji for a month. A day in the life of a volunteer consisted of an early start where we all had breakfast together at 7:00am. At 8:00am we would separate and start our work days. For me, we either stayed in the village making our resources such as booklets and posters, or we visited the neighbouring villages to speak with the community health workers. Our work day ended at 3:00pm, and after this I usually went to my family’s house to spend time with them and have tea. I would help the children with their homework or we would just sit around chatting. After this, the volunteers would either clean or cook, and then at 7:00pm we would all have dinner together. After dinner your time was your own to do what you want. The volunteers would have movie nights or sometimes we would have ladies’ nights with the women in the village. The staff were so welcoming and caring. They really looked after us while we were there, making sure we were drinking enough water and getting enough rest. I really got on with the other volunteers and found them to be quite like-minded people. On weekends we got to go away on trips together and visit some beautiful areas of Fiji. GVI has made a huge impact on my future, as I would love to be able to do the work I did there as a career. It has helped me realise that I would love to be a part of an NGO like GVI in future to help people where I can. I’ve always wanted to help people in my line of work but never knew what the right job title would be for me.