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I decided to volunteer with GVI because the program seemed to me a unique experience and a big challenge. My native tongue is French and I've never really been comfortable with speaking English. That's why I took a plane for Laos. I've been there for three weeks and I loved every single day with my students, even though it is way too short. I left with an unfinished feeling. So as soon as I came back home, I booked my second program for a month during summer. When summer came, I was teaching 3 classes a day. I had beginners and elementary students. It's a full time job because you don't just have to teach. You have to plan and think about subjects and activities your students would like. Sometimes you fail and you have to make it up at the last second. But most of the time they love what you give to them and you have so much fun together. The fact is everything about this is an enjoyment because you're doing it with the staff and the volunteers. The staff there are an amazing team. You feel like it is a big family and each member is so nice and always here to help. This experience changed my life. For the first time, I wasn't finishing my day feeling a relief because it was done. Every evening, I was walking home smiling because my students understood new things, they were happy and they were thankful for the lesson. They give you so much more than anything you can teach to them. They taught me that simple things in life were actually what makes you happy. They gave me confidence and above all love. I was shy to speak in front of people but it's now the past. I loved teaching so much that I'm now wondering about becoming a full time teacher. All of this couldn't have happened without GVI.