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Let me preface this story with the most important fact, volunteering in Pokhara, Nepal was undoubtedly the most amazing experience of my 21 years. However...I’m not going to lie, within hours of arriving in Kathmandu I was sitting in a small, dark hotel room bawling my eyes out. Completely overwhelmed by the chaos that is Kathmandu, I could not stop asking myself, “What on earth have I gotten myself into?”. Then I arrived in Pokhara and fell instantly in love with Nepal. This beautiful city can only be described using cliché...The spectacular yet dangerous Annapurna Mountain Range looms over the Phewa Lake casting a crystal clear reflection (Google it, I’m not kidding!), which borders the main street of Pokhara aka. Lakeside. It is in Lakeside that I would hang out with the GVI crew, shop, eat insane amounts of momos and pakodas and develop a raging coffee addiction at Olive Café. A bumpy bus ride out of Lakeside took us volunteers in our different directions to project every day. An aspiring nurse, I volunteered on the healthcare project. I was lucky enough to contribute to the new Health Care Workshops Program. We kicked it off with nutrition, first aid, anatomy and exercise then puberty for young women. You’d be surprised at the amount of fun and laughter we had implementing these workshops! Trying to keep this brief but feel it’s really important to bring up the life-long relationships you’ll develop. Another cliché, sorry!! Really though, I was lucky enough to find not one but TWO soul sisters and a whole lot of incredible individuals who I’d never have met otherwise. Living with a huge variety of funny, intelligent, inspiring humans is one (of many) of the unexpected joys of going on an adventure with GVI. It’s hard not to ramble on about every single experience on offer in Pokhara. I guess the most effective way to communicate it is to say GO (!!), see it and experience it for yourself, it’s absolutely unreal.