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My name is Elaine and I am an artist that attended the GVI program in Chiang Mai for a month in January. I was working as an animation background artist prior to coming on the program, back in Canada. I absolutely loved my time on the program; meeting people all over the world, that has the same compassionate heart for a worth while cause. Everyone I had met there, locals included, was welcoming and kind, to us and the gentle giants. It was very eye opening to experience the Karen culture and to be included so full heartedly. It was all very touching. Being on the program allowed me to meet people driven to help elephants; kind to other lives; career focused in conservation or biodiversity, which is an area I was foreign too. As an artist, I had used every opportunity I had to capture the moments with art. I feel like the program had altered something in my career path. I would love to continue to use my art to help our planet and people and creatures that need the help. I plan on searching for the opportunity that allows me to do so.