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I have finally settled in back home and it's just not the same. I truly do miss being back in Karongwe with all the gang. I was only there for a short time, a mere two weeks, but it has changed my entire perspective on life and helped me find myself. I went over there a little lost having no idea what I truly wanted to do. I study a Bachelor in Science in Conservation and Biological Science and I came over to test if it was something I truly wanted to pursue. And man did I make my mind up. It’s 110% what I want to do an you and the team helped me come to that realisation. GVI Karongwe are so inspiring and supportive whilst letting everyone at base have their own opinion and letting us stand on our own two feet and taking responsibility for our beliefs and actions. I would love to come back on volunteer internship or whilst doing my masters, and even better hopefully work for you guys or over in Africa!!! But until then I just wanted to say thank you again! For anyone that is considering going on a GVI trip I cannot recommend it enough, even if you want a holiday, consider doing GVI, it is so rewarding and you see parts on the country and its community that wouldn’t be able to see as a mere tourist. There is no previous knowledge necessary, the team trains everyone up to get ready to hit the safari. I made life long friends on this trip from all over the world, from UK to Ireland to Columbia. We still talk at least once or twice a week. It's an experience you’ll never forget. Danni x