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In the summer of 2017 I did the Quepos , Costa Rica Programme. In this Programme you have two options.1) Teaching English 2) Childcare. If you pick the teaching English programme you still get to participate a small bit in childcare and depending on how long you’re doing the programme for you can also have the option of doing both. Two years ago I did an internship teaching English in Thailand and ever since I did that I had a taste for wanting to go abroad again to do it however I wanted to do it volunteering. I did my research and GVI defiantly seemed the most reliable and best on according to reviews etc. I emailed them and they got in contact straight away. A typical day for me when I was doing my programme, well let’s just say the teaching English people had it very very good. Unlike the childcare who had classes from 9am-3pm we only ever had one class at 4pm-6pm Tuesday-Thursday. On Mondays, we all sat down together in the mornings and did lesson planning planning then we went for lunch as a group. The other days when we had classes we would get last minute preparations done and if we had time , we could go to the beach which was 15 minutes walking distance or sometimes even visit Manuel Antionio which was incredible. Fridays we got the do Childcare. My biggest challenge overall was definitely the language barrier. Where I was teaching their first language is Spanish but the majority of my students had very poor English. When I was teaching them, it was a lot more difficult to try and explain certain things. However, we were given the opportunity to take Spanish lessons over there, which of course I did and I have to say made such a big difference. The Staff and Volunteers Couldn’t possibly have been more helpful. Whether they’re new like yourself or have been there a year, everyone tries extremely hard to make sure your time in the programme is as pleasant as possible. I honestly felt comfortable and relaxed within one day of being in the house. GVI has defiantly gained me a lot more confidence as a person as it defiantly does take a lot for a person to do something like that so you defiantly come back feeling a lot more fulfilled about yourself and more appreciative of life in general, therefore I think feeling like that in general can have a huge impact in your life. On the First 2-3 days, I received Orientations and training. I was told everything I needed to know about the country, the people, the culture etc. Then after that they went into huge detail about the students and classes that’ll you’ll be in so that you’re going in with some sort of idea on what to expect. Then on your first day the staff guided me a long and helped make sure that I felt like I was helping out enough. I would obviously highly recommend this to everyone. It’s a great way to not only travel and see the world and experience different cultures but you also get the opportunity to give back to the world and help other people who may or may not have a life as good as yours. In my eyes, I feel that doing this programme you really do have the best of both worlds. Yes you will be out of your comfort zone when your first arrive but its always worth it in the end.