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I have recently taken part in a 4-week GVI volunteer program in Costa Rica. This was my first volunteer experience and thanks to the speculator location, welcoming and friendly team and well-structured programme, it won't be my last. During my placement, I had the opportunity to make a small difference in the local community as well as building friendships and memories that will remain with me forever. The team of volunteers quickly became family, each member brought a different skill to the project, enabling everyone to contribute and get involved. I would recommend GVI to any first-time traveller and I'm looking forward to my next GVI adventure! My skills on project helped me make some mini soccer goals out of PVC piping, also some goals on the beach out of bamboo, I concreted a spinning recycling bin so it couldn't be pinched, I painted the base coat on the kindergarten room before the artists decorated it, I fixed the taps so that water flowed straight and consistent, made some new table and chairs, and a portable ping pong table