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I don’t know where to begin! I am currently scrolling through all the photos attempting to put them in some kind of order! But reminding myself of what an incredible couple of weeks I had just endured! There are no words to thank you for such an amazing and life changing opportunity. It is hard to think that I started looking into gap year travel back in 2016 when I withdrew from uni having had no idea what I was doing in life. Back then I knew I something wasn’t right, either I wasn’t ready or I hadn’t found the right company to take me on board. Fast forward two years later and look what has just happened. All the credit needs to go to you for agreeing, for some reason, to let me to come out and join you. I cannot appreciate enough and find it absolutely incredible that you dedicated the whole two weeks to be with me, plus postponing your holiday……. I bet you would have second thoughts now you know me! I was humbled by your ability to think of absolutely everything, even if it did feel like we were in the middle of no-where! From grab-rails to ramps, you actually could not have done any more. And as for the project…….. you enabled me to be fully included and experienced everything, more than I could ever have imagined. I guess what was a massive priority of any travelling which people found hard to grasp, was the ability to meet, live and work with a variety of people from all walks of life. This trip was exactly that and more than met my expectations. Aside from the social, waking up every morning with a purpose of going to “work” was something that I have been trying to find all of these years. Especially sharing the experience with someone just as passionate as me. But it was not just work, it was a project which is close to my heart. This is the longest time I have spent away from home, especially abroad. Now I know that I am actually capable of flying to the other side of the world independently for a “job”, I truly believe that I could do anything. Now that I am back, I cannot stop taking about all the amazing experiences that we got up to, this just brings great happiness to my parents and they are just delighted beyond belief that everything worked out and appreciate all the work and time which you dedicated to make my dream a reality. Thank you so much once again for being there for me, especially when the Dugdale sisters were faffing around. It was just wonderful to have your calm and laid-back influence around when “the craziness” was kicking off. I promise to bring somewhat normal PAs next time! Regarding the Camillion Project, now I feel slightly more human and recovered, I will finish it next week and sent it to you, hope that’s ok. Hopefully, see you next summer, wherever you might be. Lots of love, Aislin xx